Happy Paddy’s Day! I haven’t had this much to drink since my friend Shan still lived in town and we’d go drown our sorrows every night after work. *hic* Did the drinking thing, a charity-bowling thing (I suck, and not just what girls normally suck!) and, surprise, more drinking! Lord.

It occurs to me that I don’t drink often, but when I do? It’s to forget being born. I don’t necessarily think I made a mistake, but I do admit to wondering when the fuck I’m going to start injecting logic (and, perhaps, REALITY) into my decision-making.

In any event, it was a TERRIFIC day. I just hate how staring into the bottom of a beer pitcher glass makes me question everything I say, do, think and feel.

In interesting news, I just got a call from someone who makes me happy. Whether it’s the beginning of something beautiful or simply just someone who “Gets” me enough to put up with me for awhile, it’s all good.

Sometimes doors close and the draft blows open a window. And sometimes, you’ve just got to barricade the door to keep it from becoming hermetically sealed.

I don’t know what I’m doing anymore, but perhaps not drinking and smoking, at least for tonight, is a real fine place to start. … 😉

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