Says the psychic friends network

My weekend horoscope, which I just saw today as I was cleaning out the ol’ cesspool inbox:

“In general, Goddess, you are someone who is open to the unexpected experiences that can change a person’s life. Today, this kind of surprise could be coming your way so keep your eyes wide open. Try and prepare yourself for an experience that will satisfy your curiosity, and your incredible openness toward the unknown. Your life may never be the same afterward.”

If there’s a life that needs changing, this one is it.

Speaking of stars and moons and celestial beings and stuff, do any of you local denizens know any decent psychics? I found one in Vegas I want to try, but I admit, I’d rather do a face-to-face than a phoner.

One last thing, since I linked to Erin’s blog, I encourage all of you to read “Are You Overcommitted?” A highlight:

“I can’t possibly help everyone who requests help from me. And that’s hard for me, because I’m your go-to girl when it comes to giving. I can’t stand knowing there are people out there who need my help and I can’t give it to them. That’s when I realized I’ve become overcommitted. … So I’m learning to triage.”

I found that entry at just the right time that I needed to read it. I’ve got six voicemails on my iPhone from numbers I don’t recognize (maybe because I’ve never programmed the numbers I need to know), and more communications in my five e-mail accounts than I care to tally. Today’s a triage day, as Erin calls it. Whoever needs the love most is going to get it, and everyone else, sadly, has to wait in line, ’cause there’s unfortunately only so much Goddess that can go around.

And even in saying that, the despair I would normally feel at not being able to save everyone/everything is lifted as I feel like maybe, just maybe, I can regenerate enough spirit to be able to go on to help even more people who need it.

One Lonely Response to Says the psychic friends network

  1. Erica :

    Ooh, if you do a reading with Erin I’d love to hear about it. I’ve been thinking about doing a phone reading, but it hasn’t exactly been a priority in terms of where I spend my dollars.