Saturday would be fired it it weren’t already at the soup kitchen

Lazy Afternoon

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Either the planets were out of alignment this week, or else the Apocalypse is nigh, but last week? SUCKED.

Today? Started out for shit, with all of my smoke detectors going off for an hour. The fun part was that they didn’t even have batteries in them.

If you’ve ever wanted to throw a social mixer where you could meet your neighbors at 8 a.m. on a Saturday, I highly recommend it!

The gal right below me came up in her jammies (I was also in mine). I answered the door with tears streaming down my face and clutching a hammer in my hand.

O HAI I’m Goddess — pleased to meet you! *pound, pound*

The landlady lives down the hall and didn’t answer her door when my lovely neighbor went to fetch her. There’s a real shocker right there. (Almost as shocking as how much work I got done today with no meetings and no Over-Extended Houseguest underfoot — imagine!)

I was worried about seeing Miss Thang … after the scathing review I left on about this shithole on stilts and the cunt in charge, I’ll NEVER get anything done around here if I don’t do it myself!

I had to shut off the electricity and untangle the wires in order to get some peace. My ears are still ringing. I imagine the potheads next door slept through it, but I feel bad for all the dogs within an eight-apartment radius who — if they weren’t annoyed by the smoke detectors — were probably dying over my own high-pitched screams.

It’s about 90 degrees outside and 130 in here. I’m still not sure about turning on the a/c after the last apartment I leased here (i.e., $600 first electric bill due to shoddy equipment).

Incidentally, I look like I just emerged from the pool. After spending 15 minutes on the balcony. *pant, pant*

And since I spent however many of the past few months paying for the OEH to have her own place and she spends EVERY WAKING MINUTE in my house because apparently the cat needs her), it’s my easy way of smoking her out of here. Like, maybe she’ll go DO something if it’s too hot. But nope, not bloody likely.

Overall though, I have to remind myself that life is good. I know others have it worse, and that’s the bleeding-heart socialist in me.

But the emerging capitalist in me knows it can be better, and I want that instead.

I didn’t get the house, the white-picket fence, the 2.3 children and the hot, wealthy husband. I did get a waterfront apartment, good job, great potential side gig and a few good friends around the world.

I guess I just want to feel free, whatever that means. Money in the bank, a stamped-up passport, admirers and lovers around the world, and the ability to go where I want, when I want … without having to check in with anyone and/or having to reschedule around them because they have that power and I don’t.

I’m working on it all. And I hope that when I have it, I’ll finally know that ever-elusive happiness that I so desperately seek. Something tells me, though, that — when all is said and done — it just might turn out that I had known it all along. We’ll see, my darlings; we’ll see …

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