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Well, a girl finally gets a day off and how does she spend it? Eight hours went straight down the toilet today at the mechanic’s. We’ll just call it the “$1,200 oil change.”

I knew my brakes were shot — it rains like a mofo down here in SoFla (not quite SoBe where I am) and I knew when some asshole cut me off and the water was up to my door handle and I BARELY stopped in time, I figured I might just have a problem.

I suppose when one’s foot goes through the floor a la Fred Flinstone, it’s a wonderful moment of brake FAIL. (Which is a recurring theme — airplanes, cars, whatev.)

I was almost done after seven hours in the shop until they took the car off the risers and the thing burst into a cloud of heavy smoke when they hit the gas pedal. That was fun. I saw it firsthand. Apparently some important wire was missing, oh, the MIDDLE OF IT. Synapses firing, blah blah blah. I don’t remember what the guy said. All I heard was, “Another $50 and another 45 minutes.” *thunk*

But don’t get me started on why the a/c suddenly sounds like a faulty jet plane. Because, you know, a girl can only take so much in one day. I should have spent the day working but, hmm, why would a place where people are captive for hours at a time have Wi-Fi?

Silly me, thinking I’d get anything done. Of course, I had also planned on seeing a movie today. And having lunch. Yeah, not so much on either front when you don’t have a CAR available. How I wished I had someone to pick me up and drop me off … who I’d want to spend time with, of course. 😉

In other failure news, I ordered a Fail Whale shirt from Zazzle. Nothing like truth in advertising. And BOY was it appropriate to wear today.

I knew the shirt cost about a million times more to buy than to make. And my assumption was proven true when I walked around for a while with my purse on my shoulder and, when I put it down, I saw the fabric on the shoulder had bunched up and soldered itself together. I tried to give it a fast tug and, oops, it created a huge hole in the fabric.

Not only shirt FAIL, but also FailWhale FAIL!

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