Running away with the band

Alejandro Manzano

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Ah, home sweet hell. Vacation over. Damn, it was nice.

My friend and I got up every morning, had breakfast, walked for two miles around a pretty lake, got ready to go out, enjoyed the afternoon, got ready for our evening plans, and then had fun. So easy, so perfect.

I am now officially a Boyce Avenue groupie. (And their openers Megan & Liz rocked socks, too.) I went along on the trip just to keep my friend company. But now, I’m sucked in to the vortex just like all the 18-year-old girls who filled the event venues. 🙂

After being in the FRONT ROW at both venues, complete with high-fives and handshakes from the guys, we visited with the band afterward. Such nice guys! These three brothers hail from Sarasota and call Orlando their “musical hometown.” Since it’s a nice three-hour drive, I will DEFINITELY be going to see these guys again.

What was really fun was meeting the other fans. I have some new Facebook friends out of it, plus some stories to tell in less-public forums. Some of these young ladies are the foundation for (what I think are) some fascinating character sketches.

Best of all, this means I am writing my fiction again. (Or at least making more notes.) I always had a character in mind who was playing the bar scene as a teen and went on to be famous. I forgot how much fun it is to join the traveling circus. I followed The Inconsiderate Few around Pittsburgh, Juniper Lane around D.C. (well, Northern Virginia) and I really like a local band called Summer Blanket.

So, Boyce Avenue is my new muse, particularly adorable 24-year-old singer Alejandro Manzano, although his (older, but still not enough for me!) brothers Daniel and Fabian are cuties, too. 😉 I see why my friend brought me along — for me, it’s nice to be in the company of a fellow thirtysomething — I may be the oldest person in the club, but only by five days! (Yes, two Geminis on tour together. Look out, world!)

I’m just so excited right now. Life is starting to get good again. But moreover, I have just started tearing through my (copious) notes for the fiction series I’ve been trying to write since I was 14.

I may put my leadership book on hold for a while. It would have to be a comedy, that’s for damn sure. And I have to figure out how I feel about topics like Facebook and blogs and Twitter, and just how much employers need to know and what etiquette versus rules should exist, if any.

Frankly, I need to be 100% sure that I will never have to work for anyone directly ever again so that I can actually be myself and say what I feel (as if I don’t already). Because, really, for all I put online, can you imagine what I DON’T say? Believe it or not, THIS is the super-censored version!

And not only is my ass elephant-esque, but so is my memory. The information has a great shelf life. And while I can laugh about it, I’m not so certain that everyone else can. Not right now, anyway.

Besides, I’d rather think about boys and music and chasing my dreams around the country. Last year I got to do it by plane, and this year I’ll have to do it by car. But nothing is going to stop me from looking for that pot of gold, one way or another. This time, I’m gonna have one hell of a good time on the journey. Oh, wait … I already am!

One Lonely Response to Running away with the band

  1. Mindy :

    If you are looking for a movie to veg out to at “home sweet hell,” I recommend “Almost Famous.” It has the teenage angst/music scene theme BIG TIME. Plus it’s a fabulous movie with an entirely too young Kate Hudson (whose movies I normally don’t care for).

    Aaaaaand a mother/daughter bonding movie for when you’re in the mood: “Crookland.” Spike Lee is not the only genius in his family-just the main one, and he co-wrote this with his sister.

    These movie titles are dating me…making me feel a little crusty…

    Good luck and happy writing!