Having a Mickey day

If youve ever stayed in Disney and ordered a wake up call, chances are that you’ve been greeted at an ungodly hour with an unbearablly chipper “Have a Mickey day!”

Luckily, I stay offsite and use my phone when i need an alarm. But even the non employees are sweet in Orlando. It’s downright bizarre, considering how fucking rude everyone is in the southern part of the state.

Not much to say other than the fact that i am on a road trip with a gal i haven’t seen since high school, with the exception of watching the Super Bowl together earlier this month.

We are having fun. Lots of trips down memory lane. She was talking about some friend of hers from Pitt and I know some folks who went there and I asked his last name. I probably should not have blurted out, “Oh i remember him — I slept with him!”

Slutty teenage Goddess. 😉

We were in Gainsville two days ago for a concert and will see the same band tonight. They were amazing and I am glad i came along on this odyssey. Last night we went to Citywalk and attended Mardi Gras at Universal Studios. It was awful and a huge waste of money, minus the cute boys who gave us beads as we drank our $65 beers.

But our dinner at Latin Quarter was superb. Besides, anything beats being at home!

More to come when i get home. Just trying to find some garlic Mardi Gras beads for protection and hope for the best before we roll home tomorrow. I have no doubt, though, that we will have another fun night with an amazing band. I got a hug from the super cute lead singer, so I will soon be gettin’ mah groupie on and loving it!

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