Reaction rainbow

They say adversity reveals your true colors. But I feel like I’ve had so much upheaval in my life that I’ve got a bit of a reaction rainbow going on here.  As Forrest Gump would say, you never know what you’re gonna get with me anymore. 

I feel like my grace has gone out the window. Everyone and everything annoys me way too easily. If iron sharpens iron, don’t mind me if i beat you with one and stab you with the other for good measure. 

Mom found my last nerve recently and instead of walking away, I said if this were a marriage, I’d feel justified in asking for a divorce. 

And don’t get me started on what I really want to say/do to homegirl and her terrible offspring upstairs. She won’t discipline her rowdy kids but she will yell at Big Giant Pussy at 2:30 a.m.  

Right now it sounds like a jiu-jitsu drum circle taking place over my head. I suppose it’s grace that’s keeping me from procuring a firearm. I wouldn’t buy ammunition, though. I’d just pimp-slap them all with it. 

And don’t get me started on this rogue employee who just needs to leave before the rest of us stroke out at all the stress their presence brings. 

I have unpublished blog entries dedicated to it. And it occurs to me, don’t give them your power. Fuck them. You have your own issues. And the moment you document their uselessness, everyone looks at you with the same critical eye. No thanks, I say. 

In any event, I wonder if we are only apportioned so much “nice” in this world and you’re fooked if you use it all up too soon. 

If that’s the case, I’m as fooked as fooked can be. And who only knows what else is going to come out of my mouth or brain next. And that’s scarier than the prospect of living with mom under Thundercunt for the next 40 years …

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