Random theater: admission 16 (personalities)

I’ve been neglecting the House of Caterwauling for a long time. Now, I know I post almost daily and oftentimes twice-daily, but there are a million posts that sit unfinished and others that I killed off halfway into them. I start to talk about dates and outings with friends and rethink it and decide to keep those to myself because, well, a girl’s gotta have something to cherish. And besides, the dreams of cosmic Greyhound buses are better left offline. 😉

But before we get into just a sliver of the latest in my world, I present tunage. I’m so over Nelly Furtado — never liked her music and don’t find her sexy enough to pull off “Promiscuous,” but if I don’t have to look at her wooden facial expressions, I rather like the emotional well from which she draws. This is “I Am”:


Sabre made a declaration recently, that nobody shall sit home alone if they don’t want to. There are parties to be thrown, theatrical productions to be watched, wine to be tasted and various other events to be attended. And, let’s face it, cold beers frozen cocktails to be consumed during these hot summer days. 😉 It’s great to have found such a treasure of a friend at such a time in my life.

We got the D.C. blog gang together last night. I never announce it on my site anymore when we’re planning to get together, because my site usually breaks or someone hacks into it or I decide to pull it offline for whatever reason. I think this was our first outing in which my site was up the whole time. *knock on wood*

The crew got together at Gordon Biersch last night. It was a smaller group than usual, but as our clan is growing, you often find yourself missing out on the conversations happening at the other end of the table, but it’s too hard to get away from the fascinating talk happening right where you’re sitting. Anyway, I had a blast as always and can’t wait till the next time ’round.

Our beloved Maximum Leader came out to join the festivities, full of tales about the mysterious disappearing cash from his wallet and how his beloved little girl taught a little boy who doesn’t know how to keep his hands to himself who’s boss. And may I compliment his fashion sense? (see below)

Nic and Vic graciously drove me to the soiree this time around, and I love catching up on the way. But here’s proof that you cannot have a conversation with me without it going downhill within seconds.

Me: Yeah, it’s a National Novel Writing Month group project. Ted says the topic is “Evil Giant Space Robots.” It’s a great idea but I seriously would have nothing to contribute. What do I know about those?

Vic: You could write the sex scenes.

Me: Yeah, ’cause I DO know my way around machinery!

*ba DUM bum*

I find it funny how much business our group brings to the D.C. area dining scene, yet no one ever gets our reservations right. The last time we met up, at the Elephant & Castle, not only did they get our reservation time wrong (they got huffy ’cause they thought we were an hour late), but they also underestimated the group size by like 15. Hence the famous “Table Tetris” incident in which we had to take the small setup they gave us at first and then had to steal tables/chairs as other patrons left. We must have rearranged the seating about four times, from squares to L shapes to some sort of rhombus.

This time, it was easy because the restaurant only had the wrong name assigned to our reservation, and the hostess tried to lead us to another group’s event. And why they put 12 chairs at a table for eight is beyond me, but let’s just say this event was more cozy than the last.

In completely unrelated news, I learned in a really big way on Friday that, when you’re least expecting it, life throws you a bone. And hopefully in this case, not just figuratively. 😉 (Hint: It’s a boy! And not of the baby variety.)

One Lonely Response to Random theater: admission 16 (personalities)

  1. Sabre :

    Oooohhh… bones are good. Oh, wait, I’m thinking boners. Nevermind. Wait, those are good too. Okay, I obviously need to restock the battery drawer. *cough*

    I’m sorry I wasn’t able to come with you last night, it sounds like a good time was had by all. I’m glad you got out and did something, and I hope you had enough fun for both of us, because my evening was rather bland and boring.

    But there are plenty more weekends to come!