I caught this article on BNET on “The Case for Quitting” and had to share.

Particularly intriguing is the idea of “sunk costs,” where you’ve already invested so much time and/or money into a job or project that you might as well see the damn thing through to completion.

So, I left another freelance job. (I know, who DOES that in this economy?) It should have been everything I ever dreamed of and more. Yet my insides were turning black from both worry and the pack-a-day cigarette habit I’ve developed over the past two weeks.

It was the right thing to do for me. I’ve stuck it out too many times for all the wrong reasons. I wish them well and I tried to leave the door open to return again at a better time for all of us.

Right now, I’m focusing on my job search. God, I need a miracle on this one. I really do. And please save me from poor or rash judgment — finding a gig isn’t the problem, but identifying and going after the right one, however, I could use a lil help with.

One Lonely Response to Quitter

  1. Mel :

    Sometimes you just have to cut your losses even while you are down to survive and get in a better situation.

    I did, I quit a year and change ago and now I am in a completely different career and loving it. I know you aren’t changing careers but changing jobs can have the same benefits.