So, yay I had weight loss this week. Boo that it’s taken me a damn month to lose five-ish pounds. The hell? The first time I did this Weight Watchers thing, I lost five my first WEEK.

Of course, I was also about 30 pounds heavier when I started it the last time. It’s easier to lose weight when you’re super-cali-pudgalicious. Just waddling across a room burns mad calories. Now I run six flights of stairs at home and do sprints to the restroom after-hours at work yet nothing good comes out of it.

I saw the mahogany hallway has been rearranged a bit during tonight’s sprint. Their logic at who gets nice offices continues to baffle me. But I don’t measure my worth based on corporate real estate. Pay me more any old day. But I did get that kick in the head feeling I got awhile back regardless.

Anyway, pudgalicious. I swear I ate my points and half of Broward County’s and I managed to lose. I have no idea how. I got to eat out a lot and I ordered whatever I wanted … just less of it. French food, German beer, Mexican twice (tequila!), sushi, Korean BBQ … I had quite a selection. And enjoyed it all.

Look, the way I figure, I could have ordered (and eaten) everything I wanted. And I would have gained 12 pounds instead of losing 2.6. This week is back to boring salads and froots and such. *shrug* Last week was extraordinary.

Glad I get to have a little dose of extraordinary every blue moon or so. Not too much, though — I wouldn’t know how to act!

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