Myriad weekend adventures:

Goddesses’ Night Out, or ‘We’re With the Band’

Sabre took me up to Baltimore on Friday to see the sublime Supine. And may I just offer that said city offers up quite a bit of tasty man morsels up there? *fans self*

When we got to the bar, I realized how OLD I have gotten because the band that was onstage made me wish for earplugs and a Xanax. I’m sure they were good — back in the day that I listened to speed metal, I am sure my 15-year-old self would have loved them — but my 32-year-old self decided that if it’s too loud, then I’m too old, and I was fine with that. All the band groupies were wearing shirts that said “Got Tung?” in reference to the band name. I saw that and thought, Lord, I hope not. Got TASTE?!?!

Supine was slated to play last, but due to some karmic intervention, they came on next. The lead singer used to be in the band “Jimmie’s Chicken Shack,” so I figured they couldn’t make my ears bleed like the opening act. And thank god, I loved Supine — just good, old-fashioned alternative rock with a variety of soulful influences.

I had been talking to one of their band groupies when Sabre got the go-ahead that we could go hang with the band in their dressing area. The girl I’d been talking to had sworn she’d met me somewhere before, and had decided she must’ve seen me at a JCS concert back in the day. So there I went skipping away to go hang with the musicians (in a move that really felt like old times as, yes, I was a groupie of my own right in my day), and the girl thought I must’ve been somebody all important and shit. Which, duh, of course I am, but that was Sabre’s connection, not mine.

Everybody was way cool. One guy spent a lot of time talking to me, so I didn’t really mingle much, but it was OK — I was sort of out of my element because I hadn’t done an “I’m with the band” in probably a good seven years. But given that the next book I want to write is about that, I figured it was a good research opportunity. 😉

Anyway, we’d parked by the Inner Harbor and as I’d never been in the city proper before, I will definitely drive my ass up there to take photos and partake of the very Pittsburgh-like atmosphere. It felt oddly like going home, so I’ll make it a point to go there this summer. And besides, that guy I met had some ideas of things we could do when I come back. … 😉

Perhaps the highlight of my evening was when this lovely gal Becky grabbed me and complimented my eyes and told me I should be a makeup model. She won me over right away!

Old Haunts

I’m not a real big fan of looking back — it usually hurts or if it doesn’t, that’s because you’ve gotten some false sense of possibilities that never really existed. But with my car now legal and me being broke but still having a full tank of gas, I drove back to my old ‘hood to see what’s going on with the apartment renovations.

As you’ll recall, I’d hightailed it out of Alexandria, Va., three months ago because we were being evicted en masse in an attempt by management to make the complex more uppity than its current demographic could afford. Needless to say, when I drove by yesterday, they still hadn’t finished the very first building (I was about the seventh or ninth), but they’d made good progress. As far as my place, they’d put in a new bedroom window, no more and no less. I saw my old couch was still in there — I had half a mind to go up there and get it, as I miss it terribly. 😉 I probably could have, as the balcony doors were open. Funny how I’ve paid upward of $3,000 on rent elsewhere in the time that place has stood uninhabited. Geniuses!

One Lonely Response to Potpourri

  1. Sabre :

    I haven’t done “I’m with the band” since my ex-husband (you know, He Who Was Gonna Be a Rock Star) and I seperated about a million years ago. Those pictures of me cemented my thoughts of getting some eye work done for a 40th bday pressie for myself, what the hell … I wasn’t even drunk and I have more baggage than Saks under there!

    I dig Supine, but that first band, oy… my ears still hurt. What gets me is I listen to a lot of crazy shit, in the car, at the office, at home, but wow… maybe it’s the volume?

    Holy hell, I *am* getting old. Quick! Take me out to pasture and shoot my ass!