Positive affirmations

Friend 1: “I’m searching for a tranquility mantra I can say all day long.”

Me to Friend 2: “Got anything I can share with Friend 1?”

Friend 2: “It is perfectly acceptable to drink alone.”

Friend 2: “All right, how about, ‘Everyone I encounter today is enjoyable and rational’?”

Me to Friend 1: (I share the two thoughts from Friend 2).

Me to Friend 1: “Personally, I’d refrain from the Pittsburgh-inspired, ‘I’m surrounded by jagoffs,’ as that tends to attract more. How about this: ‘We encounter so many glorious people that we do our part to help the economy and, particularly, the state stores.'” (The friend is in Pennsylvania, where the liquor stores are state stores.)

Me to Friend 2: “I modified your thoughts a bit.”

Friend 2: “Yes, we really should be awarded for our contribution to the Montgomery County Liquor Board.”

Me to Friend 2: “It should be a direct salary deduction. We’re good for it!”

Still wondering how to expense my wine consumption. Although, we did get bagels and the Good Humor truck is on its way for its weekly visit, so I can’t complain TOO much. And as our beloved Tom was quoted in the WaPo today , it does help us to hit the mental reset button.

(Personally, I’d rather have wine. ….)

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