Pivotal moment

Yes, I do read my horoscope every day. Funny you should ask.

Courtesy Astrocenter.com: Something is changing inside you, and in the way you react to situations, and the desire to incorporate the more unpredictable aspects of life into your personality is the basis for these changes.

I have feared making changes in my life for some time now. “Don’t step on a crack …” yadda yadda yadda. I used to dance on ’em; now I tread carefully as I seem to have absorbed everyone else’s problems. If I run too far and too fast, it’ll upset the proverbial apple cart.

Pfft. I say let’s take those apples and make some hard cider!

I want to sing and dance and laugh and create beautiful things and love and be loved. I have the power within me. I’ve had it all along. I’ve just chosen not to use it.

To hell with that. I’ve missed too much already. I was always used to outshining the competition — and if they can do it, why the hell can’t/haven’t I? When did I become the very person I swore I wouldn’t, and how soon can I shed this old skin and fly?

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