Pass the prune juice, please

Lachlan posted about the music she grew up with. On 8-track. And also being born in ’74, I felt her pain that the young’ns in her life can’t fully appreciate the music we hold so dear, even if it IS Barry Manilow. (Don’t judge — I love it too!)

I recently had the honor of playing “Guitar Hero” with a dear friend, and well, we appreciate it for COMPLETELY different reasons. He totally rocks at it and knows the songs because, well, that’s probably where he knows most of the songs from. (Ah, to be 25 again. …) And he was GOOD at playing along with songs such as Kiss’ “Strutter” and Kansas’ “Wayward Son” and other goodies from Cream and Bad Religion and White Zombie. *swoon*

(Clearly “Headbanger’s Ball” ruled my world. Yay for the VH1 Classic station!)

See, I completely sucked at the game because I was far too busy headbanging and singing and having flashbacks of WHEN THESE SONGS WERE ON THE RADIO. And not satellite radio or “oldies” stations — when they came out, kids. (Don’t get me started on how much I was digging Warrant’s “Cherry Pie,” either. LOVED IT.)

He was terrific at the game because he played it enough to learn the songs and feel the rhythm and could actually play at an advanced level. Old-ass here couldn’t even master the beginner level because she was too busy remembering how much she wanted to be a GROUPIE, not a GUITARIST!

(I have my grandfather’s guitar now. I totally have “taking lessons” on my to-do list now.)

I felt really old when I realized my companion hadn’t even been born when MTV launched; I think I was 8 years old but I remember diggin’ me some Buggles on that glorious August day. 🙂

It’s funny — MTV used to play the same 15 or so videos in constant rotation way back when. But now that they have MILLIONS of videos to choose from, you’ve got to be up at 4 a.m. in order to see any of ’em because everything’s “Real World” and “Road Rules” and whatever shows distract us from, gee I don’t know, learning about new music and enjoying some of the old.

I really don’t think that I’m all that old, but how sad is it that the music I grew up with is “new and hip” to the next generation and for me, it’s nostalgia?!?!

Oh, and don’t THINK I haven’t downloaded the “Guitar Hero” set as my new-favorite iTunes playlist. … 😉

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