Pardon me for not breedingĀ 

There’s an organic food place I visit two or three times a week. 

They advertised for Christmas dinners. Ham or turkey. Caprese or Brie en croute. Root veggies and bourbon pecan pie. Order now for Saturday pickup. 

So I ordered … and was told they can’t help me because I only need two meals. 10 minimum. Didn’t you read the sign?

Then they emailed again. Ok we will sell you five meals. Deal?

Dude. I did not shit out three kids overnight. 

Great to know that a family of five is more important than me trying to perk up our sad little Christmas with a special meal. 

So basically, a longtime regular customer spending $40 for two meals isn’t important. The way to make me feel better is to charge me $100. 

Welcome to Trump’s America, folks. 

(Also, fuck the electors who voted for him. Double-fuck the Hillary defectors. I was rooting for Kasich or McCain anyway, but Jesus the electors ex-Supran are as dumb as the people they represent. )

In any event, my money spends just fine anywhere I take it. I’m just pissed that now I have to come up with a new plan instead of a place I like and trust. And sad that I could be referring to either a restaurant or a country I’ve lost faith in. 

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