When I started this masterpiece 15 years ago, all I really talked about were my relationships. Then it was all about work and occasional Ecstasy use and song lyrics. Then veiled contempt for neighbors, some daytime situations and pretty much everyone I’ve ever known, buried beneath positive stories of people and things that did not suck the will to live from my very being.

Today I find myself once again stripped of my ability to work from home on a Friday. And I’m like, fuck it. Advantage: Goddess. Use it.

So, I thought about someone I’ve bumped into around town here and there, and set an intention to run into said person.

I don’t often get out at lunch and certainly not for long. But today I finished a project (that’s been sapping my will to live all week, mostly because of 13 long calls and limited “focus” time) right around 12:30.

And I know I will see this person right around 12 at a certain coffee shop.

So I headed that way.

And I actually walked past it and grabbed a salad nearby.

Was walking back to my camp when I thought, eh. I really could use some coffee. At this point it’s 12:45 and no chance of seeing anything interesting.


Well …

I have a smile on right now. That is all.

I don’t need progress. I don’t even want progress. We all know I fear it anyway. The universe likes to take away the good things, so best to not really have too many.

Naturally, I was an idiot. Couldn’t talk or function quite right. I’m sure it showed even more than I think it did.

But still.

I like my shirt today, I like my lunch, I like my coffee, I like the final result of my project and I like the 15 minutes midday of anticipation, relief and maybe even a little reward.

Look at me, being brave.

My cool Melissa Etheridge goddess shirt …

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