It’s sad that I saw so little of San Francisco outside of the hotel, although a nice hotel it was indeed — my dream is to own a Marriott bed.

In any event, although we did eat at some magnificent restaurants with outstanding vino (and I somehow got trapped into talking about my past life as a sex-toy salesgirl), our main view of the city was from the inside of a cab. One colleague bought postcards upon which she planned to write, “I didn’t see this, nor do I even know where it is.”

Don’t forget the caveat that we will all be mailing them from D.C.! 😉

I did try to get my Tarot cards read, but I couldn’t find the entrance to the place but ended up inquiring about said Tarot business inside a nice crappy porn store.

A vacation highlight: Flipping through a copy of “Barely Legal” and getting accused by the store merchant of trying to get away without paying for it. Ha! I’ll leave the rest of the story unfinished, but it involved trying to hail a cab with boobs. (Not mine!)

What a strange and fun weekend. Moments of happy were brief, but lasting. After buying garlic condoms at The Stinking Rose (it’s a garlic restaurant that I want to try next time around — it came highly recommended) and reading amazing works by Bell Hooks at the City Lights bookstore, I was hooked on the charm of the city and just the feeling of being somewhere important. (And this is coming from a D.C. denzien!)

Other vacation highlights? There were quite a few, when I think about it. I’m just too tired to type them right now. 😉 I need to have them in my head for a little while longer before the baggage I’d dropped at the East Coast curb gets shipped back to my conscience.

As far as tangible takeaways from the city, I didn’t end up with any San Fran souvenirs outside of some divine chocolate I’d sampled at Bittersweet Cafe, particularly the Red Fire Bar with ancho and chipotle peppers, cinnamon and dark chocolate. (Or. Gaz. Mmmmm.)

The girl who sold me my stuff said that they’re adding a shopping cart to the Web site and it’s going to be launched shortly. Woo!

But finding a souvenir that lasts or has the city name on it? Not so much. But I had a layover in Pittsburgh and saw a cute, sparkly pink Steelers T-shirt, so I picked that up. Because a girl cannot have enough Steelers wear during football season, can she now?!?!

2 Responses to Or.Gaz.Mmmm.

  1. Barb :

    No lasting souvenirs? Oh, come on, now. My mom once brought me home a really cheesy T-shirt with a picture of a cat on it and that says San Francisco on the bottom. I wear it as a sleep shirt. 😛

  2. Erica :

    The Stinking Rose is the bomb. :9