On being nice

I opted not to feed my duck today. I figured the bitch and her ugly friend and all 40 of their dogs were parked downstairs all day, waiting to jump me. 

Honest to Christ, anyone that obsessed with making sure a duck isn’t fed is just imbalanced. Does she kick homeless people too?

It was a rainy day here but the skies cleared just in time for the celebrity wedding up the street to begin. I wish #Jofia all the best and I love it that they are starting their life together in one of my favorite ZIP codes. 

So mom got deathly sick today in Walmart. She takes mini strokes in there all the time. But she won’t  ever let me take her to the hospital all since it was a joke the one time I did before. 

Both eyes went blind and she insisted we check out. Which was a disaster of course for so many reasons.

Yet she still managed to be awesome. The cashier was almost out of bags and asked a manager to get more. As we were leaving, we saw the manager doing anything but fulfilling her request. So mom told me to grab a bunch of bags and take them to her. 

I’m like are you kidding me? That was a mess and you’re falling apart on me. She said yes. 

So I grabbed two big handfuls of bags and took them back to the “express” line. The cashier was dumbfounded. “Oh goodness, thank you!” she exclaimed after I said your manager looks like he forgot about you. 

I think she might have wished she had been a little more gracious during my transaction.  But it’s ok. Mom doesn’t let near-death keep her from teaching me how to have a heart.  

Love her so damn much. 

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