Any other Tuesday, my blood pressure would exceed my IQ

While on my summer mental health vacation today, I:

  • Watched Season 1 of “Grey’s Anatomy.”
  • Read blogs.
  • Started to plot world domination; pondered instead the history of Ellis Grey and Richard Webber and wondered if Shonda Rhimes is really going to write “The Diaries of Ellis Grey” after all. Wondered how to become a writer on the show and why Webber didn’t leave his wife when Ellis left Thatcher. And Meredith’s mystery sister — was it Ellis and Richard’s? Or on her dad’s side? (*yawn*)

I am havin’ a blast, in case that wasn’t obvious!

Oh, I also picked up a pizza. During rush hour. Where I could see 395 traffic lined up for MILES. And there I was on the side street, happily zipping along with nary a pulmonary embolism forming in my chest from the usual stress. Sweet!

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