(Not) Proud to be an American

I have been singing “Stacy’s Mom” 20x daily for the last two weeks. Great handwashing song.

So I’m a little rattled that the songwriter just died from coronavirus.

OTOH, are there any tRump-related songs I can sing?

Halfwit neighbor across the way plays a song at top volume every night from 9:55 p.m. to 10 p.m. Usually Lee Greenwood. They all clap and hoot and holler. Like they’re at a MAGA rally.

I’ve shouted across the tidal basin to knock it off. (This fucker ruins the ending of all my shows. Also, that’s a tRump anthem if I ever heard one.)

They yelled back to fuck off. In a sleepy retirement community. Classy.

Maybe I’ll play some “Stacy’s Mom” tonight at 9:54.

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