No, it really IS me. I own that today.

I’ve just spent a day and a half on a big project … that completely sucks. I can’t believe how much effort I put into it, and it still turned out as one big festival o’ goat-blowing. Seriously. I don’t know why — god knows I gave it all the TLC I could.

And people WONDER why I never get anything else done — even making something simply suck LESS eats up a whole buttload of time! Grr!!!

Just cage me up and toss Midol pills at me, and nobody will get hurt. I just had to tell someone, “It’s not you — it’s me.” Most times when I use that phrase, it’s really THEM. But today? I’m the one radiating all the frustration and insanity and pent-up fire of a thousand suns.

And now to deal with another project that is going to either make me take my own life, or maybe someone else’s. Dear Midol, for the love of all things holy, please kick in soon. …

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