Hump day

It takes me one workday to write a coherent eight-page tome, but two days to edit one. *sigh* I am more of a re-writer than an editor on this project, and while I love it, man does it drain me. Dude, is it Friday yet? Sheesh.

Speaking of, I have a million ideas of how I want to spend the weekend and am not sure which, if any, are a go. Got a hot invite from Sabre for next weekend and I’m booked for the next two weekends after that, so I’m sort of hoping I’ll be too busy to remember that the ol’ odometer is clicking over somewhere in the midst of it. At least I’ll be too busy and not too OLD to notice. … 😉

In other news, there’s good news here at work but I’m not sharing it. Let’s just say “Ding dong, the wicked witch is dead!” Or at least, being led out to pasture and put out of its misery. Whee!

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