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I’m always surprised by inquiries about my adventures, whether in the “who” is asking, or the “why.”

What’s funny is that I readily put my life “out there.” (hello again, air quotes!), so it always amazes me when people assume that they only have a fraction of the story.

And boy, do they ever!

I am one of those lone observers in the world. I used to do it for writing inspiration. But now that I only really write about the stock market … and from other people’s point of view, at that (*heavy sigh at my bygone byline days*) … I try to keep some of my observations in my head. For when I need them someday.

And the thing I observed recently is this: People will think what they will. Just as you are busy observing them, they are watching you right back. Some are subtle about it; others are obvious in their watching and wondering.

But once in a while, you find yourself being the observed … of being the one absolutely living in the moment … the one the rest of the world is — I dunno — envying?

It’s hard to explain without concrete examples. But between laughter and escape and everything in-between, coming up for air always yields some fascinating results.

I almost want to ask people what they’re thinking when they watch me (whether I’m alone or not). But I don’t have to guess too hard, I’m sure.

You wonder if they know you’re as happy as you are. Then you wonder whether they know you’re not a thing like you probably seem to them. And then you wonder whether they think you might just be fooling yourself that you’re as carefree as you’re conveying.

And then you realize you don’t give a shit either way. Because happiness — whether effortless or evolved from a series of events — is still happiness. And I ain’t above being in love with life wherever possible.

Whether it’s escape from one thing, or immersion in another or — most likely — a magical combination thereof — it’s not to be passed up when it presents itself.

And to those to whom I’ve been extra-nice these past few days, it’s not you … it’s me. 🙂

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