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I was out joyriding when I came across this oasis, and since I have a new camera and all (I can catch up on car payments NEXT month! ha!), I thought it was a beautiful place to break my new Nikon’s cherry.

The waters were so still, and I have dozens of other photos like this in which you can’t actually tell that it’s half-reflection, so I put my fingers in the water so that you can see the ripple in the water and get the idea of infinity.

This shot was taken from the boathouse, where the sidewalks are deceivingly even and if you’re not looking, you might fall on your ass. Not sayin’ I did, just giving you a helpful tip if you ever go there. As for me, this was a one-time trip because now that I’ve posted a place where I’ve been, I can’t go back. Unless it’s to dispose of a body, so don’t fuck with me, ’cause you know where you’ll end up! 😉

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