My lil Cocoa-nut came back

After Cocoa passed, I cleaned her litter box and put it away.

I gave her medicine to a Baltimore kitty.

I gave her little plastic lid that she liked to sleep in to Bella. Who loves it.

And I let Magic have the pillowcase that was the last thing she physically touched.

He was a dick to her, but he won’t let me wash this …

My baby didn’t have much else, other than my whole heart.

She still has two tiny Christmas trees. She didn’t want to come out of my room in the end. So I had a little pink tree and a little green one, to keep her company while I worked.

The lights burned out on both the day she left. The. Day. She. Left.

Anyway, that litter box. I had swept up and cleaned the floor, since she missed it once or twice in her final days. She always got to it. Just couldn’t get her tiny legs up into it anymore.

Cocoa was gone about two days, maybe three, when one of her brown-and-white claws appeared where her box used to be.

Now, I had shaved some of her fur off. Stole one of her white whiskers with the brown roots. Wished I had kept a discarded claw, but I always got rid of those so Mom wouldn’t step on them and get hurt.

How in the cinnamon toast fuck did Cocoa manage to FIND a rogue claw, let alone leave it for her Momma to see?

The others saying bye to their sissy …

God I hope she is the reason they are nuts. I told Cocoa to give it to them like they did to her. They worship that tiny box. As they should.

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