My boys are back in town

Some old friends are in town for some big event on the other side of the company.

My boys. They are all “my boys.” It’s always me and the men who come to depend on me.

And it’s nice that even though there’s now a “fault line” (in many ways) between our departments, they all reach out across it to hug me tightly.

And I love how they see me and light up and shower me with love and affection and compliments and worship. God I miss some of these guys.

My guys haven’t been as worshipful as they should be. And let’s face it, maybe I haven’t really cared enough to actively seek it out like I once did. I’m just trying to pace myself since Goddess doesn’t spring back into shape and health and spirit like she used to.

It’s just nice to be treated awesomely right now with no effort, although let’s face it … I killed myself to earn it, and they all know it. And that’s why this reunion is so sweet — they’ve lived without me for a year now and they miss our good old days.

And if that isn’t a blessing to count over and over (and over) again, frankly I don’t know what is.

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