Muffin-top madness

I have to say it — I had a GREAT day. (My apologies if you’re looking for sarcasm … not a drip or a drop here. Savor it while it lasts.)

One of my boys took me out for lunch today. Say it with me: Out. For Lunch. My third lunch hour of the year, my friends. Forgive me if I do a happy dance that resembles a polka.

And what I found was that I was energized all day. I had to bust a move to get a project (nearly) finished by noon. I was full and happy and worked through the afternoon with no need for complaint.

And I left ON TIME.

Of course, I felt guilty for the “leaving on time” part. But for all the Mondays that didn’t wrap up till past 10 p.m. (that’d be an hour or two past 10), I earned it.

In my amazingly awesome free time, I went to my happy place — Old Navy. Where I bought two pairs of jeans that are two sizes smaller than the ones I wore to work today since everything fits me like Hammer pants. (O HAI crotches at the knee — not the season to get a breeze up there ’cause they don’t make Chapstick for tender bits.)

Anyway, the jeans fit in the dressing room, despite all attempts this week to reverse my entire weight loss. They’re in the dryer right now so I MAY have some muffin-top issues in the morning. (Yeah, guess who’s skipping weigh-in tomorrow. Guess!)

But in trying to look at it positively, tomorrow’s breakfast surprise will hopefully be less of a muffin top than a Vita Top. 🙂

3 Responses to Muffin-top madness

  1. Bryce :

    Actually, Goddess, I’ve known women who apply chapstick to their naughty bits when they end up irritated by bearded guys down there for a snack. But I think a little stubble on me and shaven bits is best way to go.

  2. The Goddess :

    Witch Hazel does wonders for soothing areas of irritation, although I’ve sprayed the walls with it and it’s done NOTHING for my living situation. 😉

  3. Bryce :