Motherhood, sort of

I got a day off yesterday. I swear, someone should make a meme of that along the lines of the “I pooped today!” one.

Although I feel like I get more of the former than the latter. And I don’t get many of those either.

I got to thinking about when I started this job, how I knew all and did all and felt like a true source of expertise.

Not sure what has happened, but I was realizing yesterday as I was checking my phone because even though I told everyone I’d be out, no one listened, that I seem to have gone from leader to maternal figure. The meals get cooked. The litterbox gets scooped. There are paper towels and toilet paper and toilet bowl thingies. And worky things happen too that no one else has to worry about. But no one notices until momma is taking a day for herself, if even then.

Never once have I left a job where folks didn’t come back and say, “I had no idea you were doing that till it didn’t get done anymore.” I guess I always assume everyone heard me the first time when I said something. Of course, when cuts come around, that’s a dangerous assumption to make.

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