More things in my history I’d rather forget

OK, so it actually makes sense in my world that I’m only seen at work when I’m violating about five dress-code rules. But whatever, it’s ice cream day!

So anyway, I’d gone to fetch my treat with people who have the access card to get into my floor. But we all came back separately. And I got off the elevator and didn’t even think straight — I went up to the place where you touch your access card, only I did it with my damn ice cream treat (I call it a strawberry scooter crunch, but down here they call it strawberry shortcake). Sorry, access denied. LOL. Ice cream really CAN’T solve all your problems!!!

In other news, I have those stupid 100-calorie packs of snacks in my desk. This time around it’s the Cheetohs mini-balls. You know, I think they’re a great idea, these portioned packs. It’s just too bad to have the whole box nearby as they tend to serve as breakfast AND lunch. Then again, I know how many calories I’ve consumed in a day, and not a damned one of them has any nutritional value. 😉

And tonight, beer!

3 Responses to More things in my history I’d rather forget

  1. Mel :

    Stupid diets… but they work.

  2. chris :

    I’ve been eating them too babe. It kind of justifies the “you can eat salty or sweet snacks, but keep it to a small portion”. And the funny thing is, mentally they work too because you sit there and say “I just ate a whole bag of cheetos/doritos/rold golds/oreos/ritz bits/chips ahoys”. That, and the gym has helped me some. If only they had a 100 calorie ben and jerry’s chocolate fudge brownie ice cream pack. Something tells me they’d be selling plastic spoons with a spoonful of it on there for 2 bucks each. Now THAT would be frustrating.

  3. Erica :

    Oooohhh… strawberry shortcake…. I love those!