More non-secular church lessons

So there’s this attractive guy at church. I’ve seen him around — he’s always dressed impeccably and even expensively. I’ve never really made it a point to talk to him or anything like that because, well, I am a girl who appreciates the scenery but am not much on the interaction thing.

They make us stand at the beginning of services and turn around to greet each other. It’s sweet and obnoxious all at the same time. Except … I realized that I was sitting behind Mr. Well-Dressed yesterday and the first person HE moved to greet was ME!

*slight swoon*

And I know it was only a five-second interaction, but I had one of those weird revelations. Here I was thinking he was all unapproachable and good-looking and he would never talk to (say it with me, girls) “someone like me.” Weirder still, after we exchanged pleasantries, my inner voice went, “Meh.”

Yep, the dude I was so jazzed to meet? Sort of wooden, in a hollow kind of way.

Yes, I know it was only a quick interaction. I’m sure he’s got an IQ to match mine or at least a bank account to mask mine. 🙂

But it was one of those moments that I thought, wow, I don’t always think that highly of myself. But then there’s this untouchable type and I realized, shit, I have 10 times the amount of personality. He might be pretty to look at, but I’m probably way more fun to hang out with!

I don’t mean to sound mean-spirited. Quite the contrary — I’m taking a moment to pay myself a compliment. Lately, I’m so afraid of being turned down, and I don’t really know why, because it’s pointless to think of someone else as “better” than you. Different, sure, but that’s about it.

And yes, maybe Mr. Well-Dressed is just shy or perhaps not an easy conversationalist like I usually am. (Or, for that matter, as easy as I am. Ha!)

Anywho, I guess this blinding flash of the obvious was an eye-opener for me, that if we all just look at each other (and ourselves) as humans just looking for someone to “get” them and appreciate them for a moment, we’re really not so different after all. …

One Lonely Response to More non-secular church lessons

  1. FencerScott :

    You realize that non-secular church is pretty much an oxymoron? : ) But hey, anywhere that allows us to have a moment of much needed ego boost ranks pretty high in my book. Who knows? Maybe the guy just needs someone to help him to open up. Hope more interesting days are ahead . . .