Hello old blog

It’s been a whirlwind week here on the scenic South Strip of Las Vegas. So much to report, so little inclination to share the comedic wonder that is my life. I have to do some quick work and attempt to sleep before a flight leaving at the crack o’ me, so greetings and salutations and adios and sayonara all at the same time.

Executive Summary:

1. Met a boy.
2. Saw Zumanity.
3. Bought Zumanity panties.
4. Ate lots of five-star cuisine.
5. Put in some significant spa time.
6. Didn’t gamble.
7. But learned how to play craps.
8. Have been snarfed/barfed on a million times and now I’m sick. Yarr.
9. Who the fuck cares about anything else? Didn’t you see in No. 1 that I met a boy??!?!

All right, be good until Hurricane Goddess blows back into town. Kisses!

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