More late-night incoherence

Just got home and am enjoying the free Wi-Fi from my neighbor. (Don’t hate — I have a wireless router in its box. I’ll hook it up tomorrow!) And I see I got five e-mails from the matchmaking service within the past hour.

I don’t know if it should go in my list of dos and don’ts of online dating, but I do notice the timestamp on these. Nobody sends e-mails during the day, which is good because that means they’re employed, but these midnight Saturday strolls through the profiles makes me wonder if you’re hornly and have mistaken the site for or whether you’ve honestly just discovered a few free minutes to send an e-mail.

Which is why I’m not opening them till tomorrow. ‘Cause we all see when our notes get read. 😉 Besides, only the AFF ones require an urgent response!

(Not knocking AFF. It can come in handy in a pinch. Or, for one!)

I sometimes have a hard time thinking of myself as a “catch.” Which, of course, anyone would be lucky to get a few moments of the Goddess’ time. I know that. But, you know, I see some of these guys and think damn, is that too high to aim?

And then I see some of my responders (if I can’t read past the first line because IMspeak is more coherent or that they appear to be someone I would be afraid to take to a work function, and it’s honestly like, dude, aim lower) and just wonder whether replying would be the equivalent of a mercy fuck. And my standards are already pretty low, so imagine that. LOL.

Interestingly, I have a response from a woman. And it’s one of my best prospects, go figure. 😉 And trust me, it’s higher up on my “must respond to this” list than you might expect!

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