Monday meme madness

Reader Poll Monday:

1. When did it become OK to spend $5 on a stupid cup of coffee?
Not until SBUX released the cinnamon dolce lattes. Because I held out for a long fucking time on frou-frou drinks until earlier this month, when I was downing those bad boys like they were an IV drip in Aspen. Because it’s cold there and regular coffee costs you the same damn price, so I decided to live a little. But I haven’t been able to justify scraping that much cash together for one fucking drink since then.

2. And $2 on a bottle of water?
That’s discount water — I just paid $3 for a fucking 16-ounce bottle and I was ready to throw it at the cashier when she told me how much it cost.

3. What color are your eyes?

Well, mostly.

One’s green and one’s hazel. They’re both rimmed in blue. So, in effect, my eyes are every color, depending on whatever I’m emoting that day (pale and moss-like on a day like today; emerald when I’m fired up or mischevious; blue-green when I’m mildly amused and brown when I’m in a funk). My grandmother used to love it when my eyes turned brown — she could tell me that I was full of shit and get away with it. 😉

4. What is the last thing you purchased?
I almost bought CK’s new Euphoria fragrance, but instead I was good and only bought a pair of jeans on clearance at Old Navy for $7.50 and a work blazer at Hecht’s that I’ve been wanting all season — it was marked down to $12.50 and there was ONE left — IN MY SIZE — when I stopped off at the mall on Friday night when traffic was backed up and I wanted a place to hide for awhile. Yay traffic!

5. Do you think celery and carrots belong in chicken noodle soup?
Hell no. Noodles and broth. Extra noodles, damn it. And mozzarella cheese — I *~*heart*~* cheese in soup.

6. You’ve got a 30 minute ride on the subway, would you rather sit beside someone who is clipping their fingernails or someone who is cracking their gum?
*shudder* I’ll take the gum-cracker, because I’d pull out a piece of citrus-mint Orbit and give them a run for their money in the annoyance department. If a fingernail clipping happened to land on me, I’d strongly suggest reading the headlines the next day for “Woman murders moron on subway, fingernail clipper found lodged in victim’s trachea.”

7. Do you have a dream list of gadgetry? If so, what’s on it?
First and foremost, a MacBook Pro. A laptop in general, really. It’ll probably end up being an iBook ’cause that’s the cheapest of the Mac laptop line.

In my dreams, however, I’d be surrounded by computers of every type (on the Mac platform, thanks), jammed full of all the best design software there is. I have Quark, but my copy is damaged and I don’t have the startup disk. I have Office but Excel is missing some component and it doesn’t work. I have InDesign but again, something’s screwy and it’s a pirated copy unfixable at present. If I didn’t have Photoshop, I’d probably kill myself.

Other gadgets (not software-related)? Anything you can think of. I’d love a flat-screen monitor. I’d also love a TV that doesn’t have to WARM UP before I watch it. (It’s Old, capital O.) Shit, a plasma TV would be divine — I love love love my black entertainment center, but that bitch is heavy and I need to move soon so I’d gladly give it up.

Seriously, I’d be an early-adopter of technology if only the cash flow hadn’t flown out of my account before it even got there.

8. When is the last time you cleaned your bathroom mirror?
(*hides face*). I scrubbed the tub last night, but the mirror’s been lacking attention for a month — when one of my four vanity bulbs burned out. When I replace the bulb, I’ll clean the mirror.

9. What is the last thing you do before you walk out the door in the mornings?
I pack a bag with work clothes (I drive 35 miles each way — I wear jeans and sneakers so my hoo-ha doesn’t freeze and I abhor driving in heels) and makeup, grab my portable coffee cup and say goodbye to the kittehs.

10. Ask me something.
What’s the most memorable dining experience you’ve had recently, outstanding in a good way or otherwise?

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  1. Erica :

    Score on the clothing purchases. Sweet.