Not for lack of anything to write about, but rather for lack of being *able* to do a thoughtdump of the caliber I so crave right now, here are some things that have caught my eye ’round the Net:

Presidential Speechologist (*bwahahaha*)

Young earners face intense financial challenge. This is to promote a new book, “Strapped: Why America’s 20- and 30-Somethings Can’t Get Ahead.” Can I hear an amen from my fellow “bouncers”?

Somewhat related, Execs and managers more satisfied than workers.

The nutfuck anti-abortionists are in town. You know, the same ones who want to protect the lives of the unborn but who have no problem murdering anyone who happens to have *performed* an abortion in his or her career. I say keep abortion legal — and keep this crowd from procreating. PLEASE. These are the same people who protest gay unions — say it with me, THAT group would never need that surgical procedure, would it now?

On a lighter note, did you see Drew Barrymore’s “SNL” skit? After showing off her golden globes well, AT the Golden Globes (let’s just say that her ‘actresses’ needed ‘support’ — and lots of it), this was a well-timed and well-orchestrated nod to her need for a boulder-holder.

“Queer Eye” will make over your office. I started to contact them till I realized I’m a twee bit outside the 25-mile radius of Manhattan. *drat* My team would be funny as hell on TV.

For fellow “American Idol” junkies — the show will go into syndication this fall, with episodes to be remixed with highlights. Sweet!

From T-shirt Hell, a new shirt that’s sure to offend … FEMA.

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