Monday FAIL

I’m declaring this day fired as of 8:32 a.m. Eastern.

Went to my favorite bagel place and remembered why I don’t eat the egg-whites-and-cheese-on-multigrain — because the egg slipped out and onto my white shirt. American cheese stain not FTW. I’m leaving it for now because it will look worse if I treat it.

I’d gotten coffee, which is usually all I get on my daily run. (Not a fan of the coffee at work.) Well, the parking garage is filthy on a good day, and it was apparently a great day. I was trudging up the steps with my coffee when *BAM*, I went ass over teakettle on the stairs.

The coffee splattered on my beige pants, but oddly, it was only four or five drops. I kept that cup and its contents intact, god damn it.

I wish I could say the same for my pants and, worse, my skin. My left knee is torn up and my right tibia/fibula/whatthefuckevah is gonna bruise more colofully than the Fourth of July sky.

If I go home mysteriously around noon, it will be because I realized I should return to bed and that I never really should have gotten out of it in the first place.

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