Maybe next time

I made the mistake of waking up on Monday and declaring it would be an amazing day. And it WAS awe-inspiring in that I basically went ass-over-teakettle and now look like I’ve undergone a skin graft and a marriage counseling session with Mike Tyson.

Didn’t make that mistake yesterday, and it was nice and uneventful. Today I ventured a,, “I hope today doesn’t suck.” That was before the universe shoved the nozzle of a Dirt Devil up my ass and set it to “blow.”

Today I had full intentions of booking a flight to D.C. (I didn’t.) I’d been planning to sneak up there this weekend for my friend’s birthday party. Almost bought the ticket, too. Twice. But alas, I’d have to take pressing projects with me. And that’s no fun.

Originally I wasn’t going to do it because of the $1,200 oil change. But meh, it’s only money, right?

My plan was simple: Fly in early, rent a car, hijack free Wi-Fi at my favorite coffee place for a virtual conference, visit old friends at old job, crash at birthday girl’s house, spend next day/evening birthday-partying at the National Harbor with that group of friends, go to old church, catch afternoon flight, do daily project, go to bed.

Good thing my imagination’s still intact — I’ve been worried about it! 😉

This is the same group of friends whom I was unable to join in New Orleans last month. (I had planned to go. …) One has since moved to South Carolina. Life needs to stop changing so fast — I’m missing EVERYTHING, it seems.

Today, I did buy a Washington Nationals T-shirt and teddy bear instead. Had to do SOMETHING today to feel closer to D.C. I consider it having something to wear on my next (er, first?) visit.

I read this great article in Early to Rise about “Overdosing on Loneliness.” And it’s about the only thing that prevented another crying jag out of me as I pitied my poor widdle self. (I swear, I heard Paris Jackson speak yesterday, and I started crying and never managed to stop.)

“In the final analysis, perhaps all of us simply expect too much from life, thus setting ourselves up for disappointment when it fails to deliver the endless happiness we envisioned when we were young.”

I need to go home to connect, and also to disconnect in a way. To see that not only is the grass not greener, but also that there really wasn’t that much foliage at all, come to think of it. Or maybe there was and I was just too busy to see it. …

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