Moment of silence

I just got my eviction notice.

For those of you who are new or who don’t remember, my apartment company sold the complex and our units are being converted to luxury units that are WAY out of our price range. Forced gentrification, I believe, is what they call it.

In any event, guess who just spent her moving fund this month to keep the student loan company from garnishing her wages?

In all irony, I called an apartment complex I really wanted to inhabit. Since last month, THEIR prices went up $300/month, too. Jesus Christ, I thought the real estate bubble was slowly but surely deflating? Fuck a duck.

Oh well, they say a window will open when a door closes. There will be bigger and better. And as far as the apartment I called today? It was in an area of town where someone lives who I DON’T ever want to run into. I may have to give up the luxury of having a state line between us, but I didn’t want to live in the same municipality anyway. So thank God for small favors.

If ever there were a time to believe in miracles, this would be it.

In the meantime, I think I’m going to throw up.


Note to self: Driving while preoccupied, while an everyday occurrence, not always such a good idea. I ran out for some late-night food, only to forget to turn on my lights (I only turned on the interior ones. *sigh*) and to realize I was turning left on a red when I was halfway through the intersection.

To the Alexandria cop who was parked at said intersection who did not stop me, I *~*heart*~* you. I’ll be out of your jurisdiction soon, so breathe easier.

4 Responses to Moment of silence

  1. Michael :

    Look for an apt. in the college/low-rent district. If nothing else you’ll have eye candy (and some good stories to tell about the crack dealers/parties/crazy neighbors).

  2. Barb :

    At least you can keep a positive attitude about it–that’s hard to do. Good luck.

  3. Erica :

    Dang. Suck. At least you knew it was coming. $300/mo?! Good lawdamighty. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that something turns up for you.

  4. Caterwauling :

    […] 5. If, in 3 months, you were forced to permanently leave the city/town in which you currently live, where would you go? (Gee, that sounds familiar!) I’d go to Manhattan next time ’round. […]