Reader Poll Monday:

1. If you watched the Oscars last night, what did you think of Jon Stewart?
I *~*heart*~* Jon Stewart. He rocked socks. Hollywood needed to lighten up a little bit. I think he’ll be asked to host again. I mean, the Bjork dress/Dick Cheney joke alone was priceless!

2. What was the highlight of your weekend?
I worked on my novel (as it is National Novel Editing Month and all). I’m trying to stretch my imagination to really torture them creatively, and I’ve introduced the antagonist from hell and named that person after someone who once treated me like shit. It’s quite therapeutic.

3. Do you regularly buy lottery tickets?

4. What was the last thing you did that really gave you a sense of accomplishment?
Hitting the 50,000-word mark for National Novel Writing Month just shy of midnight on Nov. 30.

5. Do you consider yourself a good speller?
I won a spelling bee 100 years ago. And I am an editorial goddess by profession, so you could say I’ve picked up a dictionary or two in my day.

6. If forced to choose, would you rather drink a quart of a stranger’s urine or be completely covered in a stranger’s poop for an hour?
Sherri, the hell? 😉 If it’s asparagus pee, I’d have to go with the latter.

7. If you could spy, undetected, on another person for a 24 hour period, who would you choose to spy on?
Hehehe. I definitely have that person in mind, but you’re gonna have to ask me offlist!

8. What’s the greatest thing about living in your town/city?
The magnitude of it all. I don’t love Washington, D.C., but it’s really impossible to hate it. In one day, I see the Lincoln Memorial, Arlington Cemetery, the Pentagon, the Capitol, Kennedy Center and the famous “George Bush Center for Intelligence”. Sign cracks me up every single time. And yes, I’m aware I’m 12 years old!

9. Is your stove/oven electric or gas?
Gas. Absolutely love it.

10. Ask me something.
Will you and Erica try out for “TAR” again? Or will the producers realize how woefully boring/whiny the current cast is and remember your remarkable audition and call you in for next season?

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