Making it count

One of my buddies just Twittered something interesting, that you can make your new year’s resolution/wish and have it printed on a piece of confetti that will drop over Times Square.

And just in case there’s an online archive of this stuff, I only submitted a fluffy wish, but I know what I truly want out of this year. Right now, it’s for me to know and y’all to eventually find out. 😉

I read something somewhere, that new year’s is a time to write down all your goals (I know, SO original). But the catch is that you write down where you want to be at the end of the year, but you don’t write HOW you’re going to get there. That made a lot of sense when I read it, because as soon as I start trying to figure out the steps and resources that will make certain goals possible, I write it off as too hard or even impossible.

But nothing is impossible, really. Now is a time for dreaming of where we’re supposed to be — the life we’re destined to have. I mean, I found two pairs of workout pants today that fit — divine intervention apparently DOES exist!

I was talking to my friend last night, and I said that once we quit working at the Veggie Patch, I guess I had assumed that life would be balls-out fabulous because we had escaped the environment that was suffocating us. And while life has indeed improved exponentially, on many levels, it just doesn’t feel as celebratory as I had anticipated.

She reminded me that we still haven’t gotten to where we’re supposed to be yet. That there are strawberry margaritas and white-sand beaches and hot-looking men at our beck and call who are awaiting our arrival. Heh. That made me happy … that we’re not yet the best versions of ourselves, but we’re on our way.

Speaking of getting my happy ass on its merry way, time to get cute so I can head out for the night. Here’s to hopefully making out with a random stranger at midnight — oh wait, that’s how I’ve kicked off most of the last few years, and see how those years turned out. 😉

OK, let’s revise that: Here’s to having a kickass time and starting the new year with as much hope, health and happiness as a heart can hold. And I mean that for all of us, especially if we can serve as the source of some of that joy for each other as often as possible.

One more: Here’s to wishes finally coming true, whether we’ve carried them around for years or we just had the light LED bulb flash over our heads and realized, yeah, that’d be quite all right, too.

A friend of mine joked that 2008 is the Year of the Douchebag. And to that, I say douchebags have owned pretty much every year. Instead, let’s make 2008 the Year of the Good Guys Actually Winning for a Change. I think our time has finally come, so let’s make it count!

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