Making a list, checking off next to nothing

I had three goals for this weekend: Wash car, get oil change, join/work out at gym.

Meatloaf needs to write the song for “one out of three ain’t bad.”

Car wash: Pseudo-check. However, I don’t know how I paid $18 before the tip and I left with the car only slightly less dirty than it was when I drove it there.

The outside was mostly clean, although nobody cleaned the crud out of the tire rims. And the inside was vacuumed but the windows were smeared. Not to mention, but someone left a big muddy footprint just inside the passenger-side door. The hell? Britney Spears could have snorted a few lines of coke and done a more-thorough job.

And what kills me is how the three guys who cleaned the car stood there beaming. It’s said frequently around these parts that Mexicans are lazy. And I don’t want to believe that. In the case of the guys who made my car dirty in different ways than it was when it came to the car wash, I think they had a misguided sense of doing an excellent job. In any case, I feel like I got screwed out of a hell of a lot of money for no reason whatsoever.

Oil change: No check. Not so much. I had plans to do that but, alas, I’d been screwed over enough for one day. My last oil change resulted in more problems than it fixed.

Joining the gym: Sort-of check. I activated a temporary membership at 5 p.m. while the gym closed at 6. I did bring my yoga bag with workout clothes; however, Miss Genius took her LAPTOP bag into the gym and not the WORKOUT bag. *sigh*

Sure, I could’ve gone back to the car, but damn, the parking garage is FAR away from the gym. Damn it, I got exercise walking to and from the club — no need to work out IN it!!!!

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