Bloody hell

Sweet everlovin’ Jesus, what a day.

The car that didn’t get washed yesterday? I went to the car wash and told them how disappointed I was. They said that if I had upgraded to the $49 car wash (huh? $20 wasn’t enough?!?!), they would have done the interior. I said I’ve gotten the car done there before and was happy with it — yesterday’s “work” was an embarrassment. So they re-cleaned the car. Yay! I can actually stand driving around in it now.

I also got a call about someone wanting to interview me for some work. I apparently made a good impression on someone, somewhere. Just goes to show, being on your best behavior at all times will take you places.

I had to go home and change clothes today. Oy vey. Don’t ask. Someone doesn’t have the good sense to look at a calendar. At least this explains the hateful backache I’ve had for two days. And now perhaps people can see why when I buy a pair of pants, I buy an extra one in the same color. That way, you come back to work “technically” wearing the same thing!

I could have changed into the workout clothes that I lug everywhere and don’t use, but I don’t think the Steelers shirt and yoga pants would have gone over very well at la oficina.

No complaints, though — it’s 70 degrees in D.C. I got to drive around topless … AND with the sunroof open. 😉

Am going to regale myself to hell for the remainder of the afternoon to a pesky little task called promotion codes. Gah. Gouge my eyes out with a letter opener. And THEN I’ll focus on the Monday project from hell. (As opposed to the Tuesday one, the Wednesday one, etc.)

The good news is, I booked a twee mini-vacation for February. All I can really afford is the hotel stay and can’t afford to actually DO much of anything in my destination city. So, I made sure to get a really good room at nice, discounted winter rates. 😉 Always nice to have something to look forward to!

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