Losing it. But in the past tense.

Reflections, Atlanta

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Oh, freelance life. How you suck sometimes.

Since one company just can’t pay right now, I figured I wouldn’t work on their stuff, at least for today.

Today of course was the day that the phone, e-mail, text and Skype would not cease ringing from that camp. *sigh* So of course I had to put out all those fires. Eight hours that were supposed to go elsewhere … to people who know how to write a check.

I suck at time management. I really do. I honest to God don’t know how I’m going to do everything I took on. Everybody’s got their ass on fire. And I know I tend to have my creative bursts at the last minute, but every minute BEING the last minute is pretty hard to work against.

I think I actually worked harder when I was employed, truth be told. But it was easier when everyone knew the workload and could stay away; this juggling of different people and projects is making me wonder whether I can get that damn Paxil prescription renewed.

But I’m having as much fun as I can. Sure beats having to sit in meetings 25 hours a week and pretend I don’t want to slice my wrists vertically with an X-Acto knife.

Lord give me strength. And extra hours in the day. And, maybe if I’m REALLY good, the ability to reach through the computer and smack the shit out of someone, even if it’s just their avatar and they’ll never feel it. 🙂

One Lonely Response to Losing it. But in the past tense.

  1. Ethan Roberts :

    Having been through the exact same thing that you are going through of having to chase an employer for a deserved pay check, I can tell you that nothing felt as good as the day I told them “so long, suckers!”

    Call it the law of attraction or whatever, but the big guy (gal) has a way of looking out for you when you stand up for yourself and stop being the Lee Harvey Oswald (aka the patsy), and do something else that actually pays some money.

    I wish you the very best.