Lord of the Fleas

It’s pretty bad when the highlight of your day is finding a very cherished old friend on Facebook.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m quite happy about that. I’ve probably told the story in these pages at one point but I never used names so nyah. 😉

Today brought a $500 vet bill for Maddie. Seems the fleas won’t go away because her fur is uber-matted, but she’s gotten so sick that the vet won’t vaccinate her. But no one will shave her matted, flea-ridden fur till she gets her vaccinations. I seriously can’t win for losing today.

And that was just for tests. Whatever she has, and whatever that will cost, will go onto the never-ending “to spend money on” list.

So, after getting encouragement from the vet, I went back to the current rental office to bitch and moan about the the three months’ rent “fee to vacate legally” and I said, hey, knock something off since I’m hosting “Lord of the Fleas” here. Not only will they not knock anything off but they said they are going to CHARGE me to send in pest control!!!

Lord, if this is one of those tests of faith, can You grade on a bell curve?

But seriously, God, thank you for pushing M back into my path. And I’ll try very hard not to remember that I had a job offer in the same city where she now resides. And to think we were only 25 miles apart for the last half-dozen years and didn’t even know it.

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