‘Long nets of white cloud my memory’

“There is magic all around you
If I do say so myself
I have known this much longer than I’ve known you.”

— Stevie Nicks, “Rooms on Fire”

I was just about to go into what turned out to be a really good meeting when my mom called to put my grandfather on the phone with me. Joy! I couldn’t understand him very well but he sounded almost buoyant — like he’s not in absolutely chronic pain per usual and that the “real” hospital is agreeing with him. He could barely hear me so I apologize to everyone in my hallway who heard me shouting into the cell phone.

I know Mercury moves out of retrograde Saturday, but I’ll take an early miracle, especially when it comes to him. Yay!

And there’s other magic in the air, and it feels like it’s surrounding me right at this very moment. Not sure what, when, where or why, but it’s there. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of patience to be exercised and strife to be endured in the interim, but today, I’m donning the rose-colored glasses. It’s fun to shine again!

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