‘Like a watercolor bleeds the lines away’

Ocean Sunrise

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“I can hear the ocean
When I look into her eyes
My heart is swept away
Like a paper boat on the tide
Destined to run aground
With her by my side
Together we’ll wake up
To a watercolor sunrise.”

— Willy Porter, “Watercolor”

My newfound insomnia comes in handy when I’m somewhere with picturesque sunrises. I still haven’t quite figured out how one can be absolutely exhausted and yet still be unable to fall asleep, but meh. Once I get settled in my new life, I figure sleep will once again find me.

I needed to see this photo today after cleaning a metric buttload of snow off my car this morning to make it to a 9 a.m. doctor’s appointment. Meanwhile, the federal government was operating on a 2-hour delay.

And for the hour that I was getting poked and prodded and sent upstairs for labwork, my car got COVERED with snow again. Joy of joys, especially since I had to clean the snowdrift off of my car to literally drive across the street to get to work (an hour before the building opened.)

My doctor (OK, nurse practitioner — I’ve gone to this office for almost four years and never once have I met my actual PCP) was looking back at my records and realized how much pudge I’ve dropped since I was last there. She was so complimentary — she said so many people mean well and say they want to lose weight; then there are the rest of us who just do it. I was kinda proud to be in that category. 🙂

She also gave me my referral to my specialist, although she said she knows him and he’s a dick and why would I WANT to go see him? I explained that I’m hightailing it out of town and just need a prescription refill, and she breathed a sigh of relief and said, “OK, I don’t blame you there. But if you want someone who actually knows how to interact with patients, I can give you a dozen other referrals before making you go to that moron.”

On hightailing it out of town, she applauded me and practically did a cheer for me. She said she also suspects that losing weight probably gave me the confidence to go after a new opportunity.

I said yeah, now that you mention it — I was starting to get too comfortable with where I fit in.

But now that I don’t fit in to much of anything these days, and because something that might fit was begging me to try it on, I’m actually way more impulsive about seeing what works on me. And more things fit me now than ever did before. So why not have a little variety, as it is the spice of life and all?

So the lyric goes in the song I’m humming today, “What am I afraid of?”

One Lonely Response to ‘Like a watercolor bleeds the lines away’

  1. Mel :

    I love the vanilla lavender soap from Bath and Body Works its part of the Aromatherapy Sleep Collection. It also comes in pretty blue bottle. Stuff never goes on sale though.

    It brings me to my “happy” place AKA when I was newly single and rid of my ex. Is that bad?