Life, Interrupted on Hiatus

In a form of rebellion not even seen in my teenage years, I left work! At 4 p.m.! While the sun was still shining!

I am killing time at my local Cosi, where my skim eggnog latte tastes like dry-roasted ass, they lost my order and the table full of teenage girls next to me are loudly snarfing in their food. And yes, they arrived after me. And don’t forget the speaker above my head that is BLARING Christmas carols. One of the workers said my sammich was going to be delayed and that he’d bring some bread for snacking on, but that was 10 minutes ago.

No big. Didn’t need the carbs anyway.

It’s like the universe punishes me when I take some time to myself. I decided I really want to take in a 7:30 p.m. movie without checking in at home. I never actually check in at home; I didn’t realize it was a requirement at age 33, particularly when I wasn’t all that good about it at 16. It’s just that I only have a few bucks left to my name and I either have to buy two movie tickets or one ticket and one sammich. You see which route I chose, and yes, I will probably choke on my Chicken TBM (tomato, basil, mozzarella) melt out of guilt if and when it arrives.

Wow, someone just turned down the radio volume AND my sammich came. And the six kids at the next table left. Hallelujah!

I was talking with one of my colleagues today about roommates (he has small kids). And I actually said I’d RATHER have kids than roommates. I said it was nothing personal against anyone I lived with, but the thing I found wrong with all of them was the fact that they were born — they were/are all lovely, lovely people, but I just don’t deal well with people being in “my” space. Another of my colleagues did my astrological chart and told me, point-blank, the same thing.

I was talking with Sabre today about my previous entry (i.e., I shouldn’t date Cancers). When she took the test, it told her clearly that she needs to stay away from Geminis. (And if you knew the history? Not only would you not BLAME her but you would FORGIVE her if she would never want to so much as SPEAK to someone with that sun sign … self included!)

I told her I think there are two types of Geminis, given that we all have two personalities. There are the drama mamas and the drama haters. I fall in the latter category but, unfortunately, you never know where the next Gem you meet is going to fall. And the less we like drama, the less tolerable we become, I think. My quest to be left alone has superseded all my other goals, of late, and I’ve become downright cantankerous sometimes when I don’t get what I demand. And that, in turn, qualifies me for the “drama mama” category. *sigh*

Before I snarf down my sammich, here’s a text-message conversation that celebrates the snark:

Friend; Merry freakin’ Christmas.
Me: Ho freakin’ ho.
Friend: I would KILL for a drink right now.
Me: Speaking of killin’, did you get through Xmas without acquiring a rap sheet?

I’m still waiting for an answer. I hope that isn’t a “no” … !!!

Speaking of, I just had to look at my phone for the conversation and see that I’ve missed some voicemails. Bah freakin’ humbug. …

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