27 0 ‘Dresses’

Genius here thought she was going to go see the special sneak preview of “27 Dresses” last night, but alas, next time she’s not going to go to a theater that lacks online ticketing because it was SOLD OUT when I got there. *stupid stupid stupid*

I did get to see “P.S. I Love You,” which was terrific but I tend to judge a movie by whether it makes me cry, and it didn’t. But hey, I got to stare at Harry Connick Jr. and Jeffrey Dean “Denny Duquette” Morgan, the latter of whom sported a delicious Irish accent that made me knickers soggy. 😉 When I say the film had gorgeous scenery, I’m not just talking about its setting in New York and Ireland!

I was watching the song credits, and it looked like Gerard Butler actually did sing all the songs he performed in the movie. He was awesome as Hilary Swank’s husband — and man, speaking of Hilary, I know I’m not a fan of hers in general but are all wives as, I dunno, cunty as she was to “Gerry”? Sheesh.

Anyway, Gerry died but beforehand had planned out a series of letters and gifts, to be delivered posthumously, to help his wife through the grieving process and to let her know it’s OK for her life to go on and to be a good one. Pretty ingenious, actually, especially when sometimes your fondest wish is to get a sign from your loved one that they’re still around you somehow.

I wanted to love this movie. Really, I did. I liked it a lot, but other than probably watching it one more time when it comes to HBO, I’m mostly done with it. Then again, if I’m in a different state of mind and in a place where I can let myself cry, it might end up as a favorite after all.

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