Life haz a cruel

Six days without my Maddie and an ocean of tears later, I just wanted to send a little prayer out there for another “gone too soon” friend, as Leanne left us a year ago.

I made this whole Florida move in her honor. No, I’m not blaming her for it. 😉 But I was looking to celebrate life the way she did every day.

We weren’t close (yet) but we had literally just become instant friends. But instead of seeing her again at one of Tom and Tiff’s kickass barbecues, we convened at Iota to have a memorial service. *sigh*

I remember that her death had an instant impact on me; that I found this sudden compulsion to tell (name removed) that I was blindly, stupidly, head-over-heels hot for him. And now a year later, the sentiment seems so strange and far away. I miss him. A LOT. But maybe my heart has been so trampled in the last 365 days, it forgot how to love another human.

What most don’t know is that the dent on my passenger’s side of the car is what reminds me every day of Leanne. In the parking garage in Clarendon, as I tried to get my car into a spot so I could go to her memorial, I guess my mind wandered and I sideswiped a pole.

I never got it fixed.

I had another dent on the driver’s side (same thing: D.C. too-narrow parking garage hell), so I had a reason to get both fixed. But yet, every time I look at my passenger-side door, I smile and remember the vivacious girl who loved human and animals and even adopted the latter despite being allergic. 🙂

And today, I hope she and Maddie cross paths so she can give Maddie all the hugs I wish I could.

Missing both of you girls. …

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