Let them eat birthday cake …

Birthday cupcake

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… as long as it comes from Passion for Pastry in Boca Raton. OM NOM NOM NOM.

Spent a marathon day shopping for my favorite person … moi. Got clothes, mostly. Also picked up a delightful bottle of Montepulciano for practically a song. Some crazy specialty market was selling it for half-off, which knocked off my little froggy socks. Hey, I ain’t complaining — I snatched that bitch up and uttered my three favorite words: “Happy Birthday, Goddess!”

The real birthday isn’t until Memorial Day. But as is the usual, the only gift I got this year was from Sephora (a package of lip glosses). So, I always make up for it in the days before and after the high holy holiday that commemorates my birth.

I remember when my friend A. and I used to fuck off from work for hours at a time (to go shopping, natch. We deserved it!). In the entire month leading up to her birthday and definitely the next three or four weeks after it, she would happily pick up something in a store and proclaim, “Happy birthday, A!” to justify the purchase. So, I’m just carrying on our blessed tradition. 🙂

The cupcake was Teh Awesomesauce. The “cheese” and “lettuce” are fondant; the ketchup and mayo (not pictured) are icing (of course) and the “burger” seems to be baked icing. Whatever … it’s fucking paradise in a fluted cup to me.

I would normally have grabbed a strawberry cake from Balducci’s in Bethesda, Md., but it’s a year of totally new traditions. So, this is DEFINITELY one that I am keeping!

It’s been monsooning here in South Floriduh — I’m driving up to the Treasure Coast tomorrow to a desolate resort to usher in my 35th (*gulp*) year with said Montepulciano. I just hope it doesn’t pour the whole time, as that would be a waste of a four-star resort at pauper’s prices (hence why I can afford it).

I will be taking some work with me, which isn’t my idea of a vacation but it’s pretty easy stuff … typically better done drunk anyway. 😉 But then again, isn’t EVERYTHING better done with a bottle of wine and nothing but cupcake in your belleh?

3 Responses to Let them eat birthday cake …

  1. Lachlan :

    Happy Birthday early, chica. Love you! Have a great time at the resort with your lovely Italian wine. 🙂

  2. Silver Blue :

    yes, happy birthday a day early, Goddess.

  3. Mel :

    Happy Birthday!