Just when you decide to renew your lease…

We’ve been under tornado watch since this morning. My stairwell was flooded by 9 a.m. 

The turnpike is closed due to an overturned truck and the Intracoastal town where I love the cake-batter ice cream is totally underwater. 

I type all of this to say that if you think staying home is a luxury, it’s just a nice alternative to death. 

Construction upstairs all day. And I think those fools with jackhammers hit something vital. Because 32 minutes of fire alarms. 

Holy friggin’ hell. And I have to stay here and have my ears shredded since mom won’t do stairs. Or rain. 

Thunder just cracked. Bye bye Dish Network. Which blows out when a dog farts, so why should the apocalypse be any different?

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